Our Mission

Woodstock Clocks Company, Inc. is a business and people committed to the maintenance and restoration of fine antiques clocks.  The mission of Woodstock Clocks Company is to:

  1.    Restore clocks to their original or better than original factory running condition and appearance.

    New wheel being made for a customer clock.

  2.    Perform all repairs applying Horological Industry Best Practices.
  3.    Prove the quality of the work done by performing Quality Inspections during the repair process.
  4.    Guarantee our workmanship and parts for five years and back it up with a 100% Money Back Warranty.
  5.    Respect your requests and our commitments to you.

What you can and should expect from Woodstock Clocks Company is that we’ll provide free pick-up, delivery and setup of your clock.  If we can make a repair while at the clock’s location, we will.  You can expect the highest quality restoration services for your clock’s movement and case. Because of our excellent quality control and low return rate, we offer a 100% Money Back Warranty.  With the exception of some case and face work, all work and testing is done in our Woodstock, Georgia location using our fully equipped machine shop.  Any specialty case or face work will be performed by the best artisans, supervised, coordinated and warranted by Woodstock Clocks Company.  We’ll use a variety of resources to provide a value for your clock and offer a fair price if it’s your desire to sell your clock.  We offer a selection of clocks for sale and will package and ship them for you.  All work completed, parts used and clocks sold, will be guaranteed for five years.

I hope you enjoy browsing our web site to get your questions answered and please give me a call or send me an email with any questions you may have.

Thank you and warmest regards,

Woodstock Clocks Company, Inc.

Thomas M. Noesges, Jr.

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Clock Types Refurbished


    • Cuckoo Clocks
    • Striking Clocks
    • Chiming Clocks
    • Vienna Style without warning mechanisms
    • Carriage Clocks
    • Ships Bell Clocks
    • Fusee Clocks
    • Electric Clocks – AC and DC
    • Wooden Works
    • Long Case / Tall Case – Grandfather Clocks
    • Wall Regulators
    • Mantle Clocks
    • Shelf Clocks

Even if the type of clock that you want serviced is not in this list, feel comfortable that we can refurbish it for you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thanks. Tom

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Standards & Practices



Wheel pivot being burnished.

Sound repair and restoration practices always produce predictable outcomes surpassing the customer’s highest quality expectations.  Although different types of clocks require different specific practices, metals, chemicals, temperatures and equipment, all clock repairs follow this general repair and restoration methodology:

  1. Inspection for operation and determination of needs.
  2. Clean using appropriate techniques and chemicals (e.g., ammonia solutions are never used on lacquered brass plates).
  3. Photograph, prepare drawings, make repair notes and completely disassemble movement.
  4. Inspect and repair of pivots, holes, teeth, wheels, pinions/trundles/leaves, arbors, springs,  levers and operational components such as rack, quarter cams, etc.
  5. Seriously worn, broken or missing parts are replaced.  As required, the replacement part is bought and fitted, harvested from an ‘inventory clock’ or made.  Any pivots, bushings, wheels, springs or other part to be fabricated will be made using hand tools, metal lathes, mills, drills, grinders and specialty horological equipment following proper safety and use standards.
  6. Clean all repaired components mechanically and by hand, using proper chemicals and processes for each specific clock and part.

    Group shot of customer clock for identification.

  7. Count wheel teeth, pinion leaves, and trundles; then make barrel measurements to determine the correct rate, correct mainspring size, winding turns and pendulum length.
  8. Assemble movement and set up chimes and striking mechanisms when present.
  9. Lubricate with oil or grease as appropriate for the part.
  10. Test to ensure proper rate, beat error, strike sequence, chime/melody sequences, run time and time/strike/melody synchronization, and autocorrection using computer technology and manual practices as appropriate.
  11. Photograph and maintain data base of clock repair details for future service by Woodstock Clocks Company or to supply information to the future clockmaker of your choosing, should you relocate.
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