When you buy a clock or have your clock repaired or restored by Woodstock Clocks Company, you will receive written, along with verbal, instruction on your specific clock – its movement, features and case.  Items such as setting hands, synchronizing time, strike and chime, moving the clock, cleaning, setting clock accuracy and winding.  Additionally, you will be provided any information and instruction needed for features particular to your clock.

FOR EXAMPLE:  You can expect to receive the following type of instruction which was given to a recent customer:


Bell Strike before dis-assembly.

TYPE:  English Bell Strike – Single Weight Longcase – 30 hour – c. 1790


Lift weight as you pull down on the chain.

Move the Minute Hand Only.  The Minute Hand can be moved either clockwise or counter-clockwise to the correct time.  The Hour hand will follow accordingly.


Parts after cleaning.

To advance the Strike to match the hour shown on the dial, advance the Minute Hand toward the “55” position on the clock dial.  When you hear the “Warning” occur (a click and whir), move the Minute Hand backwards to the “8 o’clock” position.  The clock will now strike the “next” hour.

Perform this procedure as many times as necessary to obtain the correct Strike / Time Synchronization.

The last step is to adjust the Minute Hand to the correct time.  So, when the strike matches the hour, move the Minute Hand counter-clockwise to the correct time.