Repairs & Service

COMPLETE CLOCK MAINTENANCE Turnaround time needed for our Complete Clock Maintenance repair order is about 90 days.    This long turnaround time is not a result of the large volume of clocks we have in progress.  It is because of the time it takes to perform the work, the inspections and the testing needed to produce a superior repair.

Installing New Pivot
Installing New Pivot

Detailed process:

  1. Inspection for operation and determination of needs.
  2. Clean using required techniques and chemicals (e.g., ammonia solutions are never used on lacquered brass plates).
  3. Photograph, prepare drawings, make repair notes and completely disassemble movement.
  4. Inspection and repair of pivots, holes, teeth, wheels, pinions/trundles, arbors, springs and levers.
  5. As required, make and install pivots, bushings, springs and any part needed using hand tools, metal lathes, mills, drills, grinders and specialty horological equipment.
  6. Clean all repaired components by hand. Where appropriate, use mechanical cleaners with clock and part specific chemicals along with good practices.
  7. Count wheel teeth/pinions/trundles/leaves and make barrel measurements to determine correct rate, mainsprings, winding and pendulum length.
  8. Assemble movement and setup chimes and striking mechanisms if present.
  9. Oil and lubricate with appropriate oil or lubricant for the part.
  10. Testing to determine proper rate, beat error, strike sequence, chime/melody sequences, run time and time/melody synchronization using computer technology and manual practices as appropriate.
  11. Photograph and maintain data base of clock repair details for future service by Woodstock Clocks Company or to supply information to the repairer of your choosing.
Winding Mainspring
Winding Mainspring

For information on our pricing of these services, please see our Pricing and Warranty page or press this button:   Pricing & Warranty

PICKUP, DELIVERY & SETUP SERVICE Woodstock Clocks Company will schedule a pickup of each clock and, upon completion of work, deliver and setup the clock at the customer’s location.  This practice has many benefits in addition to convenience for the customer.  It provides an opportunity to inspect the clock and avoid surprises to the customer.  It ensures the clock is properly prepared for travel, and properly setup and installed at the customer location. It gives us the opportunity to review the operation of the clock with the customer.  This service affords the customer a very high level quality control and initiates our Five Year Warranty.

ON SITE CLEAN & ADJUST SERVICE Upon arrival at the customer’s location, the option to service the clock on site may be offered provided the following conditions are met:

  1. There is no evidence of pivot hole wear
  2. There appears to be no hardened oils
  3. Condition of teeth, pinions, arbors, levers, pulleys and cables is good
  4. Customer agrees to a 90 Day Labor Only Warranty in lieu of the standard Woodstock Clocks Company Five Year Warranty.

Detailed process:

  1. Set up and adjustment
  2. Assemble movement, chime rods or tubes, pendulum, weights & chains/cables and pulleys
  3. Adjustment of hammers, suspension spring, moon dial index, time, strike & chime synchronization and winding
  4. Remove oil residue and apply new oil
  5. Verify lever operations
  6. If hardened oil is present, we will recommend the customer allow us to take their clock into our shop for disassembly and bench cleaning

MOVING ASSISTANCE Woodstock Clocks Company will provide assistance to the customer with scheduling the move of their tallcase clock. This service includes the removal of weights, tubes and pendulum and securing cables/chains for the move. Upon arrival at the clock’s new location, Woodstock Clocks Company will unpack all of the parts, setup the clock, and make any adjustments needed for proper operation.

VALUATION Using several resources, Woodstock Clocks Company will give an estimate of the clock’s value.

CASE & DIAL WORK The clock case of each clock repaired by Woodstock Clocks Company will be cleaned and a coat of high quality wax applied if appropriate and approved by the customer.  All major repair and refinishing of cases or refinishing of dials of all types will be contracted to one of our known artisans and warranted by Woodstock Clocks Company.

Chiming Movement Before Cleaning.
Chiming Movement Before Cleaning.